Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeling on top of the world: Up Mount Jungfraujoch and Mount Titlis

View from inside the cable car

Feeling on top of the world was indeed amazing.
We took the train and cable cars up these high mountains, passing tree tops,
thick snow and slowly fading into the mountains .
Follow me on these rides through these exciting journeys and feel
or rather see the cold.

Snow tractor.

Train tracks.

Up there were some lovely ice carvings.

Hand railings were provided, as it can be
quite slippery walking through these ice tunnels.

It was this cold.

Being cold really turns on the appetite.
This beautiful restaurant at the mountain serves delicious meals.

Fun with the snow on a sledge.
Going down was easy.

climbing back up was tough...

The trick was using the sledge to anchor and support.

Guess this dog couldn't wait to give it a try...

Back on ground ...
this scenery looks like a beautiful post card.

Another mountain we visited was up to
Mount Titlis on a cable car.

Lovely scenery.

We went above the trees.

At mid height,
we were transfered to the first revolving cable car
which takes us all the way to
the summit of Mt Titlis.

Leaving the station.

At the top.
Sumptuous eatery.

Warm setting.

Drinks to keep one warm.

In spite of the extremely cold surrounding,
enjoying these wonderful ice cream was a delight.

Going back down.
couldn't see anything down there.

nearing the station.
Made it to ground level.
Felt some relieve.
It was an awesome experience.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year: Keeping Tidy, a 'Table Bin'

Chinese New Year is about food, food and food.
Peels and wrappers are inevitable waste during this festive occasion.
This is a helpful idea to keep tables uncluttered and clean.
It saves time too.

Quite a common sight.

Providing plates means extra cost, space and time.
I like using such containers as 'table bins'
 to keep the place clean and tidy.
It is very convenient.
As throwing straight into the 'table bin' saves time clearing.
Big bowls, vases, dressed up baskets can be made into such 'table bins'.
I prefer tall containers like this.
It keeps the waste deep in, so it's less seen.

A presentable clean table.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Romantic Paris by Day and by Night

from day to night.
A place of vogue, excitement, romance and historical sights.
famous for its glass pyramids.

There are many Arcs.
Historical to modern.

Near this arc was the biggest thumb I have ever seen.

Beautiful Historical buildings.

Many rich gold monuments like these.

Named after its designer, engineer, Gustave Eiffel.
The Eiffel Tower constructed since 1889,
still draws in the crowd.

During the old times..

Some scenery from the Tower.

Leaving the tall tower.

A lovely view of the Ferris Wheel against the sunset.

to the river cruise on River Seine.

Notre Dame

There are 37 beautiful bridges over the River Seine.
These are some of them.

The beautiful Eiffel Tower from the cruise.

This was where, I 'parked' myself for the day to shop.

As Christmas was near.
Galleries Lafayette was my enthusiastic stop.
The place was filled with shoppers and merchandise that made me went gaga.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.

That's all..
had to go shopping.


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