Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour Singapore

in any part of the world this involves all of us.

Keeping our world clean, fresh and beautiful.
I hope my flowers will stay this fresh always.

Did you participate or read about the 'Earth Hour'?
The results from my surveys showed some didn't even know there was this event.
Some thought, it was only in our homeland and some were too busy to get involved.
the majority were happy to have participated.

'Earth Hour' began in Sydney in 2007.
'Earth Hour 2009' was a global campaign to highlight climate change.
The world had gone dark for an hour with the caring
and responsible people participating to bring awareness.
Only an hour of darkness,
will not save the world.
But such campaign, will raise awareness.

Stated in the newspapers.
Landmarks around the world joined in the event.
'In the Vatican, the dome of St Peter's Basilica, Egypt's Great Pyramids,
the Eiffel Tower in Paris, New York's Empire State Building and many more
around the world had gone dark for an hour from 8.30 pm. to 9.30 pm.

According to the organisers 829 landmarks around the world had gone dark.
Chatham Islands were the first followed by New Zealand, Fiji and the list goes on.

Lights off !

'Earth Hour Campaign' showed most people cared.
Sunday Times reported..
People having good, green fun in the dark at the Esplanade Park.

We were having good fun at home too.
As I walked around my neighbourhood,
I could see some homes
making the best out of the worst or rather darkness.
By having gatherings, using candle lights.
Most participated.
As shown in these pictures.
Except for one or two.

All lights off.
Only the street lights were on.

I am very glad to have participated and did my little bit.
It would be good to have more of such campaigns, to increase awareness.
Though the big organizations,
are the ones who should clean up their act.

Save our Home.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ideas at a Design Competition

These were taken at a Design Competition.
Browse thru and you might find some ideas adoptable for the home.

'More than a cup'.

Usable half chairs.

Great idea!
This minimalist furniture is simple, yet functional,
has good storage, practical and modernistic.

Origami Lantern.

Impressed with the photocopies pasted on synthetic board.
Loved the effects from the lights.
It's like an interesting slide show.

is the word hidden behind or inside this extremely large poster.

Encapsulating the moments.

As flat as paper.

Having some curves.

Bringing back memories.

Like a dream.

Swinging Chandeliers

After seeing those theatrical costumes at Christian Lacroix

These chandeliers look like the revival of the 'Phantom of the Opera'
Watch these Chandeliers swinging on this video.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Christian Lacroix: Love for the Theatre

Pictures taken at the exhibition.
Retro to the theatrical.

I love the laced up walls.

It's a net.
Protection from unwelcome intrusion.

Close-up look of the net.
So ingenious, as it gives the dramatic feel
rather than the 'cold' looking glass showcase.

At this dresser
Check out the drawers lined with the following information.

Some information and sketches.

Love the elegant theatrical effects.
Dramatic and Sensational

As the place was pretty dark and no flash was allowed.
This was the best I could do with my camera hope you enjoyed it.
In the newspapers on April 23, 2009
It's nice to know this acclaimed designer adores our uniforms.


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