Saturday, August 28, 2010

Youth Olympic Games The Friendship Fabric

Besides the exhilaration of the sport
This was a meaningful project by our students.

Thousands of thumb prints on the board..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shiroi Koibito Park and The Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido

This wasn't what
I expected from a Chocolate Factory..

The place was serene..

These lively mechanical figures sprang to live..
Creating an atmosphere of fantasy.
Spreading joy among the visitors.
The grandeur hall..
Aurora Fountain
The fountain was produced by England's Royal Doulton Company in around 1870.
Beautiful art piece..
'The Goddess of Aurora Ascending to the Sun'
Beautiful stained glass panels...

The Gramophone Gallery..
Shop Piccadily..

Hands-on classes..
Saw this..
But can't quite place him??
The Shiroi Koibito Park.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flowers of Hokkaido in Summer

The perfect bloom..
Delicate and captivating.
I was enchanted by these gorgeous flowers.
The array of colors seen from afar was so fascinating. 
I was totally spellbound.
(To watch in HD adjust setting to 720p)

Besides the lovely flowers..
These fresh succulent cherries were so tempting and scrumptious.
At the Sobetsu Fruit village,
we could..
The cherries were easily accessible.
It made cherries picking so fun...
Surprisingly, these pale colored ones were sweeter.
Coming up in the next season.
These mouthwatering grapes will be something to look forward to.

Bear Ranch in Hokkaido

I was in Hokkaido and was delighted to see these wonderful bears.
They looked so adorable asking for cookies.
I never knew this...

Good looking dogs. 
They reminded me of my pet dog Royce, at home.


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