Thursday, July 31, 2008

An enchanting atmosphere

These pictures were taken at the Garden Festival 2008
This very rich red display,
would be good for the Lunar New Year or birthdays.
As the Chinese have always associated red a symbol of good luck.

Twine creepers (vines) or just flowers, richly on the trellis or a skeleton umbrella stand.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An exquisite display

This exquisite display was featured in the garden festival.
It will be ideal as a divider for rooms or as a screen to provide privacy.

A friendly scarecrow

If you have all that extra pots, try this out.
This is another imaginative idea which is quite a novelty.
It looks like a friendly scarecrow.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grow an umbrella

There were many flowers at the Garden Festival.
But this is truly an innovative display..

Can't find an umbrella for your table?
Why not grow one.

Upbeat about beads.

These beads have transformed the cabinet doors into an ethnic charm.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sheer elegance

This is a good and simple way to keep out the glare from the sun.
Just use any sheer fabric, 
tie them to bamboo or stainless steel poles and you will get a stunning dropped ceiling.

Cheerful windmills

Look at these cheerful windmills, they are so cheery, they will brighten up any path.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being versatile

This may just be a plant hanger but it has many usage.
Like in this picture it can be used to hang bags or even clothes.
I have managed to hang 4 large bags.
It helps to keep them in shape too.

Best out of the worst.

Don't know what to do with your bended utensil.
This designer spoon is a brilliant way of making the best out of the worst.
This was taken at Lifestyle.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

An artistic appeal

I could not help noticing this display while having tea with some friends
at the Lifestyle Boutique.
The dessert tray looked like an art piece.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Young and old.

I saw these at a shop. 
It will make a conversational piece for both young and old.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Full blossom

I try not to cut back too much of my plants.
By allowing them to grow profusely or even a little out of control,
will allow them to show their full potential.
I have noticed, trying to keep them too neat and tidy, will only hinder the full blossom.
As seen in this picture the flowers have grown taller than the 6ft wall.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sounds worth listening

To my delight, this morning windy weather,
 got my seashells chimes, rattling non stop in my garden. 
This sounded my attention.
It reminded me of my vacation in Hawaii.
They had all these shells chimes in many styles, cheering along the beach.
It felt like Hawaii again.
I love the sound of these chimes, as they are not high pitched.
The chimes help alert me to the weather change and wind directions too.
These shells are such a pretty sight, they will enhance any garden, patio, balcony, window…
Any place, where there is that pleasant flow of wind.
FYI: Found these very affordable beautiful chimes in Chinatown at only $10.00 for 2.
Whereas the ones I bought in Hawaii costed a lot more.
They look like jewels in the garden as seen in these pictures.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing and lazing around

I mentioned about my dog playing under the cool patio in the fern wall post.
These pictures show he loves playing hide and seek among those very large leaves
and just lazing around.

Hide and Seek

Lazing Around

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fancy up

Love dressing up my stuff.
When I saw these simple plain bottles, I had to do something to spruce them up. 
Fancied them up with these lovely blue beads and see how alluring they have become. 
The beads are inexpensive and can be found in Chinatown at only $10 for 4 long strings.

Recycling old unused necklaces, lace and ribbons for such art work would be ideal.


This very old bench that looked like it needed to retire...
I've revived it by applying red oil that has immediately
brought back the rich colour tone and shine.
Added satin cushions and tassels to glamorize.
The makeover was tremendous and the bench looks so comfortable and inviting again.


Love adding fruits to some of my arrangements.
Be it real or false just add them to your arrangements and you will find them irresistible.
(The grapes are false but the lime is real).
This will definitely perk up Christmas and garden parties or just simple dinner gatherings.
Some of my arrangements have got my guest confused between which is real or false
and tempting them to try the fruits.

Colour magic

No time for gardening!!!
Putting artificial flowers on my greens have made them a welcoming sight.
This is especially useful for non flowering plants or areas like some patios,
where you do not get enough sun for the flowers.
Instead of keeping it all green,
add subtle coloured flowers to your greens and see the transformation.
Can you guess which is real or false?
( Only the bright yellow flowers in the second picture are real.)

A sanctuary

Remember my fern wall..
I have added very large foliage to the surrounding and got myself
an even cooler place that feels like a sanctuary.
Using large foliage makes it look greener and shadier.
There were comments of the place looking a little Jurassic.

Fern Wall

I could not use my patio most days because it was too hot.
So creating a fern wall was ideal.
The wall brought down the surrounding heat immediately and provides good privacy.
Used fishing line to suspend the ferns from the trellis.
I like using fishing line instead of the metal chain because they won't rust and they are as strong and durable, yet inexpensive.
The fishing line is less visible.
It will give the wall a cleaner and neater look.
My dog loves running and laying around the cool patio.
Thus suspending this big group of plants in the air will give him plenty of space to play.

Fresh Feel

I love the feel of cool dew on my fresh flowers in the garden, on cold days in the early mornings.
It gives me a refreshing and elixir feel of the atmosphere.
To create an everlasting feel of this...
I hang clear shinning crystal balls on my flower arrangements and viola!
I felt that same effect again.
Simply use clear shinning crystal balls from your Christmas decorations. Hang them on your fresh or artificial flowers.
Hence, enhancing the display with that 'glittery dew'.


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