Monday, July 27, 2009

Danger Boy

H'm.. h'm.. my pets again..
I can never get enough of them.
Adore them, love them, they bring cheer to my day.
Playful, at times irritating and can be annoying.
Nevertheless, they are my adorable pals.
At the end of every play.
They need a good wash.

The rabbit never gives up irritating the dog
that is about 30 times his weight.
The big guy got real tired.
But the little one was still 'kicking up his heels'.
This is a video of them 'Playing Dangerously'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soybeans : Making your own 'Tau Huay'

Soybeans a good source of protein has a significant amount of essential amino acids.
On a daily basis, amino acids is said to help us repair muscles, organ, hair, nails, ligaments and skin effectively, resulting in good health.
Used in many forms for human consumption.
Like soya sauce, cooking oils, margarine, flour or processed into tofu.
Soy milk are used as a substitute for diary products too.

Find out more from this website: Hutchinson encyclopedia
An excerpt:
Soya is the richest natural vegetable food. The dried bean is 18-22% fat, 35% carbohydrate, and one hectare of soybeans yields 162 kg of protein as compared with 9 kg per hectare for beef.

I love soya milk drinks and the dessert 'Tau Huay'
Sweeten or unsweeten with syrup, served hot or cold, this silky soft tofu is a delightful dessert.
Wonderful as a light snack or for breakfast.

This video shows...
How to Make Tau Huay by Leslie Tay
View it, try it, and enjoy it...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marina Bay Sands Construction

A delay in the opening of the Marina Bay Sands.
This post is in relation to my previous post on

Every morning on my way to Shenton Way,
I will pass this scene and I have always thought to
myself how beautiful it will look when completed.
I was sadden to hear of the delay.
A report on Channel NewsAsia on 10th July 2009.
'Delay in opening of Marina Bay Sands could potentially mean big losses'.
See what goes on behind those screens...
Thanks to ckuruz from YouTube for this marvelous clip.
We now have an idea of the magnitude of this project.
See the construction.
The dedication and hard work put in to make the
Marina Bay Sands.
and Night

Work goes on...

and night..
Wow! did you know... 




Taken recently on July, 2009
Taken on 12th and 13th October, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heritage Trees in Singapore

Cutting down trees in your own garden can be a crime.
Roots growing out of control or insects invested etc..
CHECK! with NParks before chopping down a mature tree.
You might own a HERITAGE TREE

From the Straits Times
Reports from the Straits Times..
This is his story...
not when the tree is deemed a heritage and in the

I like this stubby looking tree, that has a thick girth.
How will this be grouped, when it matures and grows its girth too quickly
It is best to check with NParks before planting any tree.
Even in one's own premise.
Hefty fines for some fruit trees..
Below are some Heritage Trees, found at the
The famous Tembusu heritage tree that's printed on our SGD$5.00 note

Reinforcing with much care and not simply chopped..

Another heritage tree..
This huge tree does not have a heritage sign on it.
But I was surprise that this giant is a cotton tree!
Amazed by the humongous size, I had to zoomed in with my camera to see its trunk
way up there..

Speaking of large girth.. this is gigantic..

Very strong roots that seemed to be going everywhere...

The lovely ferns nesting nicely on the tree, makes it look so artistic..

And as I walked around, these cottons were falling everywhere..

All from above..

A fascinating tree
Another captivating tree is this.. Burmese Banyan Moraceae
No heritage sign board but as interesting..

A very mature tree

Also known as the weeping ficus.

I can't tell the trunk from the vines..

Nor the branches and the vines... fantastic vines
From a distant, it's like any other tree..

Loved this most, the flame of forest...
You can't miss the striking red flowers.. lovely, lovely, lovely..

Remember, you can't just remove any tree: it will cost you.
Check with NParks.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Peranakan Houses

Peranakan Houses
Colourful with intricate mouldings and tiles adorning its facade.
A rare sight today.
A lovely intricately craved door greets at the entrance of this Peranakan home.

Notice the two different window grills used in this row of houses.

Each with its own identity of fixtures and colours .

The individual choice of colours...
A cheery delightful sight!
These houses look deceptively small on the outside,
are actually long and spacious with courtyards and air wells on the inside.
Making the Peranakan homes so cosy.
A comfortable house to be in.

Shops and Restaurants.

The newer houses are simpler.

These newer homes still hold the charm with its
fine decorative lattice and mouldings on its facade

These buildings that have been renovated.
Have taken on a similar Peranakan look.


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