Monday, July 13, 2009

Peranakan Houses

Peranakan Houses
Colourful with intricate mouldings and tiles adorning its facade.
A rare sight today.
A lovely intricately craved door greets at the entrance of this Peranakan home.

Notice the two different window grills used in this row of houses.

Each with its own identity of fixtures and colours .

The individual choice of colours...
A cheery delightful sight!
These houses look deceptively small on the outside,
are actually long and spacious with courtyards and air wells on the inside.
Making the Peranakan homes so cosy.
A comfortable house to be in.

Shops and Restaurants.

The newer houses are simpler.

These newer homes still hold the charm with its
fine decorative lattice and mouldings on its facade

These buildings that have been renovated.
Have taken on a similar Peranakan look.

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