Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ION Orchard : The new kid on the block

Going to the ION
What's on the front page?
Opened on 21 July 2009

This residential building has a total of 175 residential units.
The apartments are from the 9th to the 54th floor
and 4 penthouses.
Some units were sold for an average of S$3299 psf.

8 floors of retail shops, restaurants, cafes and more..
A 5,300 sq ft art and exhibition gallery
on the 4th floor of the shopping mall.
'A double-storey observation deck located on the
55th and 56th floors will offer a panoramic view of the city.
Named ION Sky, the observation deck will be an ideal place
for runway shows, product launches and parties'.
Lots of excitement is expected.
If you have the eye on Ion
(check out the poshest loos on this link).

Here are some of my pictures,
of the iconic ION Orchard.

The nutmeg

Urban People

This entrance leads to the Orchard MRT Station.

The underpass that links to Tangs,
on the opposite of the main road.

Spacious outdoor foyer.

Some flagship stores.

This new shop called 'Car Shoe'
I wonder,
if it has anything to do with cars.

The high tech touch screen directory.

A 'finesse' foyer.

The brightly lighted-up, fine, mirror escalators that gives the
place the luxurious feel.

Feels like I am in a Hotel shopping arcade..

Shops at every turn.

The long escalator, that passes four levels of
shops and dines.

Impressive structures.

Burger King looks different here.
In black.

Food Halls

So tall,
four levels high.

This significant fountain pillar,
leads down to the food court

Food Opera

A wide selection of food.

Pretty well decorated.
Looking from these angles,
it doesn't look like a food court.

Found a good home idea!
This is a nice display that can be applied at home.

Just to have tea.

Guess what?
standing in the food court.

There are many restaurants and cafes, you will be spoilt for choice.

Colorful in the day.

Notice the colour changes.

Dazzles in the night.

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