Monday, July 27, 2009

Danger Boy

H'm.. h'm.. my pets again..
I can never get enough of them.
Adore them, love them, they bring cheer to my day.
Playful, at times irritating and can be annoying.
Nevertheless, they are my adorable pals.
At the end of every play.
They need a good wash.

The rabbit never gives up irritating the dog
that is about 30 times his weight.
The big guy got real tired.
But the little one was still 'kicking up his heels'.
This is a video of them 'Playing Dangerously'


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking for a bunny as a pet. Your bunny is so adorable! Do you mind telling me what kind of breed your bunny is?

Elaine said...

He is an Angora Rabbit


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