Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marina Barrage Singapore

The Singapore Marina Barrage is a dam.
Officially opened on 1st November 2008.
The nine gates at the mouth of the Marina Channel keeps the seawater out.
Making the Marina Basin into a freshwater reservoir.
This 10,000-ha catchment is the largest and most urbanized reservoir of the country's
15 water reserves.
Here's to share the pictures I have taken of the place.
I went in the evening and could still catch some bright views.
Apparently, going to the Barrage in the afternoon can be very hot.
Large constructions are currently going on in the vicinity.
Be CAREFUL of heavy vehicles.
They seemed to predominate the roads.

During the earlier part of the evening at the bridge.

The pier deck.

Solar lights were used everywhere.
Security cameras were place everywhere too.
So behave yourselves.
Warning floats of...'DANGER' ... I guess NO swimming.

This bridge leads to the building that will have some restaurants.
There was an event going on during my visit.
I guess they do hold functions.

In the Pump House there are 7 mighty pumps..
And they can empty an Olympic-sized swimming pool in less than 9 seconds.

The colorful fountain with formations that synchronize with the music.

This beautiful pathway leads to the viewing deck.

Saw this fountain where children and adults were enjoying themselves.

Mini cruise boats.

Seeing the city from the viewing deck.
A lovely view, with the lights slowly starting to glow as the night falls.

I was so captivated and immersed by the surrounding scenery.

This 'Green Roof' structure has a lift that goes down to the ground level.
Will be good for elder folks.

As it got darker, the lights got brighter.
The whole scene just sparkled.

Lights lit all along the pathway.

In the night the bridge lights up.

The place was so tranquil.
People were there to relax and sink into the atmosphere.

Christmas Greetings by 'Precious Moments' at the 'Fountain of Wealth'

At the Fountain of Wealth,
greetings from the 'PRECIOUS MOMENTS'
indeed brought in some Christmas cheer.

Greetings from 'Precious Moments' at the 'Fountain of Wealth'

Many huge displays were placed all around the Fountain.
Adults and children were having a merriment time
taking photos with their favourite doll.
Below are pictures of these dolls...

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Up Scale Gifts : Lladro

The craftsmanship of these art pieces are rare.
Worth every bit it commands.
Here are some Lladro procelain that's just breathtaking

'River of Dreams'

'Romantic Feelings'

'Flowers for Everyone'

'Happy Tea Time'

'My Loyal Friend'

These are not Lladro.
Above SD$100.00 each.

Starts at SD$80.00 each.

Christmas is giving

CHRISTMAS is a time of GIVING.
There are many gifts, from the nostalgic to the everyday practical stuff.
Be it extravagant or simple, it's the thought that counts.
So have yourself a Merry Christmas and start giving.
As it goes, the theme this year is, 'even the smallest sweet counts'.
Here are some lovely gifts that are inexpensive and can be memorable.

At Astoria, there is a wide range of Christmas ornaments that will grab your attention.
Use them as decorations in the home or gifts for the year.
Collecting a different one, each year can lead to an invaluable collection eventually.

All these from Metro.



For the home.
The White.

The Black.

Not forgetting Charity


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