Saturday, November 15, 2008

'The Food Safari'

I was at 'The Food Safari ' with some friends
and we found some interesting stalls.
There was a wide choice of international food that we could taste and purchase.
Below are some pictures that I have taken. 

The hot, hot kebab
that's freshly craved from the very hot rotating vertical spit.
I could feel the heat from a distant.

Famous Turkish Delight
The ice cream that is made of goat's milk seemed tougher and chewier.
Look at  these cones..

Famous Black Pigs.

Impressive holder.

What a delight!
All that flavours.

Charming chef
that was nice enough to post for my camera.
So was he.
They were all so friendly.

'Peking Duck'

Stewed pork with buns.

Chee Cheong Fun
Some local delights

Healthy honey that was freshly collected.

Colorful sweet lollies
A Yummy Day

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