Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Peranakan Restaurant-Kim Choo

It was a colourful and an educational afternoon having lunch at the

Peranakan cuisine, also known as Baba cuisine has a mixture of both
Chinese and Malay influences.
The word Peranakan is used to describe
 Straits born Chinese. 
In both Malay and Indonesian, 'Peranakan' means 'descendants'.
Babas refers to the male descendants and the Nyonya as the female.
Also spelled as Nonya, it may have originated from
the Portuguese word dona, which means 'Lady'.

Here are some pictures of the colourful and dainty displays in the restaurant.
It is like a little museum.

I always associated Peranakan with colours, designs, gorgeous and
dedicated workmanship of art in almost everything they do.
It truly is a beautiful heritage to be treasured.

This beautiful and intricate large plate that can be used to serve large dishes at big gatherings.
Or just as an exhibit to be admired.

This looks like an ancestral vase.

The exceptional glazed art pieces.

This art piece was carefully sewn with beads.

The delicate handmade brocades.

A wide range of designs.

Handmade beaded accessories.

A vintage sewing machine.

Slippers are intricately and fancifully sewn with beads.

The girls game of '5 stones'.
This is a fun game of throwing the stones in the air and catching them.
Speed and agility is the key to winning this game.

As it was one of the favourite games in the old days...
The girls would custom make their own '5 stones' from different fabric designs,
just to have their very own.

The game seems to have faded with time.

Tea for two.

Look at these vast array of colours and designs.
Delightful and enchanting.

These fancy painted tiffin carriers are probably
a collectors' item now.

Screens and baskets.

Glorious food.
There is a delectable range of delicious
Peranakan 'Nonya' food.

An old fashion grinder.

Not forgetting
The famous Rice Dumplings.

A short video clip of the restaurant's speciality.
Nonya dumpling in the making.

A restaurant and a shop.
That's filled with treasures.
I will be back for more.

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