Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guess what's in the box?

Look at this beautiful box.
Know what I used it for?

These dental floss toothpicks that fits SNUGLY into the box.
Is so ideal.
I manage to put about 16 pick packets into each box.

The above looks so much prettier that the original pack.

It has good finishing with beautiful legs that elevates
to complete its fine look..

There is a mirror on the base, that gives the box a classy appearance.
Yet not having to pay too much.
At only $10.00 for 3 boxes.
'It's a steal'.

I love these boxes.
You can use it for anything small like jewelleries too.
There are many designs...

Who would have guessed.
A beautiful toothpick box to place around your home.

This is my modest idea of how to save during this economic crisis.
And still maintain the elegant look for the home.


Gwen said...

Haha! Michelle's Mom, this is Liping! Mel and i just came over, really like your blog, good content, very creative!

Keep up the great work! =D

Elaine said...



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