Sunday, October 5, 2008

World Animal Day: Paws At The Beach

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
commemorated the World Animal Day (WAD)
at the beach with fun, gatherings and competitions such as
'Best Kept Pet' and 'Fastest Tail-wagging'.

As I love dogs dearly...
 There I went and totally enjoyed my afternoon mingling with
 'Man's Best Friend'

Watching them closely and trying to read their gestures.
Here are some shots that I have taken.
And the gestures that I interpret them to be .

"Heh, heh, heh."

He needs food...too slim...

Beautiful coat...

Pulled and pulled…
but this cute fellow refused to move.

"See! I can curl my tongue."

"Want to be friends?"

Nice outfit!
"My legs are tired…
have been standing for hours."

The T-Shirt says
'Man Of The Match'.

He may be small but DON'T mess with him.
He had to be pulled back!

These two literally came together.
Tied together with one leash.

The cats stayed in the pram.
I guess, it's best..
with all the pooches around.

Good looking dog.
Was it in one of the movies?

I was looking everywhere, but it was looking at me.

This one was wearing a T-shirt indicating..
"I'm NOT Wearin Any Underwear".

Oh yes, we can see...

A singer to entertain..

But guess who stole the limelight...

This lovable one...
She stood still for quite awhile….
when all of us went
click! click! click!

"Hot and tiring, I need a nap!"
Pat! Pat!
"Ya! not so hard!"

"H'm, this is better."
The BIG BOYS came.
"Is this post, OK?"

"Hey, Move!
I need some space."

This one seemed to like squeezing in with the people.
This dog is HUGE!

He turned away.
I guess, that means ENOUGH! pictures.
This one seems to be nosing...
"What's up?"

"Must we go?
I was only asking ... What's up?"
This good dog is helping its master with the bag.

"Hey, not so close."

Beautiful symmetrical features.
"Hi! looking at me?"
Is this 'Milo' from the movie 'Mask'...
I just couldn't get its face to keep still.

Time to go home."

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