Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bewildering illusions

I have seen these illusions many times and still enjoy the
fascinating and sometimes bewildering effects.

The pictures below will show the effects and have fun.

Aging Illusion:
How will this young man look when he ages?

The picture is being turned 180 degrees around.

Talking Vase:
You could either perceive a vase or the profile of two faces.
The outline of the vase forms the outline of the two faces.
To see the faces, the black background becomes the figure
and the vase becomes the background.

Hidden Figures :
You should see the outline of 4 human figures formed by the contours of the 5 columns.
This is an instance of a figure ground illusion where the contours that
determine the subject and the background are ambiguous.

Standing alone.

Head on a Platter :
What is happening is ..
Mirrors positioned in front of the table reflect the images of the walls and floor,
creating an illusion that there is nothing underneath the table.
Hence you see a head without a body.

He enters from the back of the display.
Have you visited the Science Centre? INTERESTING!

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