Friday, October 24, 2008

Orchids The bewitching & showy flowers @ The Botanic Gardens

Orchids have always been a symbol of
beauty, love and luxury.
Did you know the Chinese called it
"the plant of the King's fragrance."... during the Middle Ages,
Orchid was believed to be used in love potions.
Orchids are also known as "showy flowers"
I have some pictures of these bewitching beauties (orchids) that will show their claims.
They will make any garden look ravishing.

ENJOY these orchids and the LOVELY MUSIC posted by 'cathyhkt'

Straits Times national day special 09.08.09
'We grow our VIPs'

Learn how ez it is to care for your Orchids.
This clip by ScienceOnline shows
the Orchid Bee and the Orchid, is remarkable.

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