Friday, October 31, 2008

Singapore Flyer: A pumpkin for Halloween

I drive pass this magnificent Singapore Flyer
almost everyday and it always amazes me.

The Singapore Flyer, reaches 42 stories high
and the wheel is 150m (492ft) in diameter.
It exceeds the Star of Nanchang by 5m (16ft)
and the London Eye by 30m (98ft).
Each of the 28 air-conditioned capsule is capable of holding 28 passengers
and a complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes.

One morning,
I saw this bright orange balloon on it and wondered what it was.

Going around it, there was a face on the balloon.
It's a 'PUMPKIN' for the Halloween.
Nice of them to take the trouble to put the pumpkin, all the way up there.
Just to celebrate Halloween.
It doesn't look like an easy task.
Halloween is an international holiday celebrated on October 31.
Halloween is a celebration of tricks, costumes, parties, bonfires,
scary stories and movies.
Ghost and haunting.
Not forgetting the PUMPKIN

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