Thursday, October 30, 2008

The good looking and funny birds...amazing birds at the Bird Park

These birds are so cute and charming.
I enjoyed watching them.

These two were chatting for quite a while.
Till one tried to get too close.
See what happened in the video below.

Take note of the cheeky one.
Opps! Got too close, too heavy, it fell of the branch.

This shy one was hiding its face.

Revealed! it's really quite a handsome looking duck.

This handsome guy barks like a puppy and not quacks.

I thought this 'chick' was dead but it's actually sleeping.
It got up suddently and went chasing after the Scarlet Ibis.
The security guard.

This one was patrolling up and down while I was there.
It looked like it's the security bird for the pond.

It will stroll back down and up again repeatedly.

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