Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Love is the message" from the Fountain

The Fountain of Wealth lighting-up!
When the laser show comes on.
It never fails to captivate me.
Stunning lights, beautiful music, the storming sound of
the abundance of water spurting out and gushing down.
All that coherent high energy, makes it so fascinating.
I like the laser stories too.
The theme 'Love is the message' was so charming.
Below are some pictures I have taken
and a short video clip of the laser show.

The fountain that glows in the night.

Beautiful yellow lights.

Than the blue lights.

A double effect of lights, it looks like it's glowing from below.
The actual scene.

Oh yes,
Before all these lights came on.
We were invited to walk around the Fountain and make a silent wish.
The picture below shows the instructions.

I followed the instructions.
As it was my first time going so close to the fountain.
I was thrilled by the strong bubbling water.
Putting my hands in and walking around 3 times
I forgot the most important thing.
Making my silent wish.

I guess, I got to go back there again.
It was fun.

The laser lights came on.

This was the theme for the night.
This is the clip... Original Sound Track

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