Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Blooms in Orchard Singapore 2011

Updated 10/1/12
It's nice to know..
A short excerpt from the Straits Times published on January 10 2012

Thursday, November 24, 2011

From the East Rise the Dragon! LIULIGONGFANG Singapore

'From the East Rise the Dragon!' 
Celebrating 12 Years of LIULIGONGFANG Singapore
Saw these magnificent dragon exhibits displayed at Paragon Linkway.
Timely ushering in the Lunar New Year 2012.

'Leading The Way, the Dragon from the East'
'Wishing to be the world's first, 
To raise a brand new sun,
Make your mark on the present.
Through the obscure chaos, 
Rise up in dance,
Like electric light,
In an ascending stance.
From the east,
The dragon appears.'

'The Commander'
'The weighty load - accomplishment and repute; a lengthy journey - you and me.
A gathering of the elements, who else in this world
Will command but us?' 

'Forge Ahead'
'Overcome the stark ocean,
Rise above, unyielding and upright.
From great heights, look down upon the world and intrepidity
And an indisputable force.'

'Within Grasp'
'Look back upon glorious dreams, gaze down upon the waning moon.
Tomorrow is within grasp
It is mine, in the end, it will be me.'

'I Am Illuminated'
'Fearless through wind and rain; lucid through cloud and mist; 
My heart is illuminated, in movement and in stillness, majestic.
I lead with glory.

'Overwhelming and Unstoppable'
'Who is it to say; the glory days have gone?
Do you not see, in the infinite expanse of sky, the infinite surge,
How can one ignore that inherent pride? 
Towering like a giant, I dominate the vicissitudes.'



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