Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heritage Trees in Singapore

Cutting down trees in your own garden can be a crime.
Roots growing out of control or insects invested etc..
CHECK! with NParks before chopping down a mature tree.
You might own a HERITAGE TREE

From the Straits Times
Reports from the Straits Times..
This is his story...
not when the tree is deemed a heritage and in the

I like this stubby looking tree, that has a thick girth.
How will this be grouped, when it matures and grows its girth too quickly
It is best to check with NParks before planting any tree.
Even in one's own premise.
Hefty fines for some fruit trees..
Below are some Heritage Trees, found at the
The famous Tembusu heritage tree that's printed on our SGD$5.00 note

Reinforcing with much care and not simply chopped..

Another heritage tree..
This huge tree does not have a heritage sign on it.
But I was surprise that this giant is a cotton tree!
Amazed by the humongous size, I had to zoomed in with my camera to see its trunk
way up there..

Speaking of large girth.. this is gigantic..

Very strong roots that seemed to be going everywhere...

The lovely ferns nesting nicely on the tree, makes it look so artistic..

And as I walked around, these cottons were falling everywhere..

All from above..

A fascinating tree
Another captivating tree is this.. Burmese Banyan Moraceae
No heritage sign board but as interesting..

A very mature tree

Also known as the weeping ficus.

I can't tell the trunk from the vines..

Nor the branches and the vines... fantastic vines
From a distant, it's like any other tree..

Loved this most, the flame of forest...
You can't miss the striking red flowers.. lovely, lovely, lovely..

Remember, you can't just remove any tree: it will cost you.
Check with NParks.

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