Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soybeans : Making your own 'Tau Huay'

Soybeans a good source of protein has a significant amount of essential amino acids.
On a daily basis, amino acids is said to help us repair muscles, organ, hair, nails, ligaments and skin effectively, resulting in good health.
Used in many forms for human consumption.
Like soya sauce, cooking oils, margarine, flour or processed into tofu.
Soy milk are used as a substitute for diary products too.

Find out more from this website: Hutchinson encyclopedia
An excerpt:
Soya is the richest natural vegetable food. The dried bean is 18-22% fat, 35% carbohydrate, and one hectare of soybeans yields 162 kg of protein as compared with 9 kg per hectare for beef.

I love soya milk drinks and the dessert 'Tau Huay'
Sweeten or unsweeten with syrup, served hot or cold, this silky soft tofu is a delightful dessert.
Wonderful as a light snack or for breakfast.

This video shows...
How to Make Tau Huay by Leslie Tay
View it, try it, and enjoy it...

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