Monday, August 10, 2009

Entertaining Clarke Quay

Visiting Clarke Quay, time and again is always fun.

I was having my dinner at one of the restaurants,
and was watching the bumboats
cruising up and down the river.

They are river cruises and river taxies.
Some of the huge Chinese junks (tongkangs)
were refurbished into floating pubs and restaurants.
The junks reminded me of my previous post on
The Halong Bay in Vietnam
As night falls
Food and Restaurants
Packed with people.
Along the lovely river.
The brightly lit bridge.
Brightly lit in different colors.
Be amazed.
I was lucky.
A performance was planned.
It was an acrobatic act and was very entertaining.
These are some sections of the performance I took.
The whole performance lasted about half an hour.

Original sound track.
Look out for events at the Clarke Quay.
You'll never know what's next...

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