Monday, August 17, 2009

Singapore Toy Games + Comic Convention

Watch the toys come to life..

Returned a 2nd year on 14-16 August 2009.
Only 3 days at
Suntec Convention Hall.

I love archery.
And was glad to see Wii Sport now has this in their selection of games.
Maybe, I could revive my old sport and enjoy this just as much.
Not having to worry about shooting without an armguard.

Be creative with this 'Creative Ink'

Monopoly to boggle the mind

Be thrilled by what roll out from these containers

Hulking replicas

These guys were tempting us with their
delicious looking realistic cakes and buns.

This looked Martian

Vinyls by 'Play Imaginative'
Popular 'Tofu'

Meet 18" Knucklebear and 18" Skuttle
Dolls with distinctive BIG eyes

Playmobil as colorful as ever

UGLYDOLL and still draws crowd

In reply to how ugly?
Hmmm, I think they are unusually cute.

Simply Toys that are not so simple

See this life size model, that was going around
taking pictures with the viewers

The 'legendary' LEGO

Dooodolls for daily company

Coin pouch

There was a competition.

Young and talented contestants.

The contestants had to sketch a portrait
on the computer.
Given only a limited time frame of
about 7 minutes during the finals.

Both of these portraits were by the winner, Naomi.
This was the winning portrait,

I guess, whichever toy one may adore.
These cute, cuddly, lovable furry ones,
will never loose their charm.

As real as it gets.

There were many more exhibits.
This event will bring out the child in anyone.
Many good games to keep one occupied at home too.
'Exhibitors Highlights' will give a more
comprehensive view of the exhibitors.

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