Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sounds worth listening

To my delight, this morning windy weather,
 got my seashells chimes, rattling non stop in my garden. 
This sounded my attention.
It reminded me of my vacation in Hawaii.
They had all these shells chimes in many styles, cheering along the beach.
It felt like Hawaii again.
I love the sound of these chimes, as they are not high pitched.
The chimes help alert me to the weather change and wind directions too.
These shells are such a pretty sight, they will enhance any garden, patio, balcony, window…
Any place, where there is that pleasant flow of wind.
FYI: Found these very affordable beautiful chimes in Chinatown at only $10.00 for 2.
Whereas the ones I bought in Hawaii costed a lot more.
They look like jewels in the garden as seen in these pictures.

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