Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Miracle Mouthrinse: A Healthy Garden

Very unsightly...
This tree was infected and it would have got worse, if not treated.
Infection, contamination, rotting and pests.
I use this!
A mouth rinse.
I would look for the 'Super' size savings.
To get that extra value for the money.
There are sometimes the 1000 ml size that will save you more.
Watsons has a wide choice and any brand will do the job.
We use this ourselves, so I guess it is definitely safer than any other chemicals.
Maybe, there is something in the ingredients from the rinse?
A truly SAFE and EASY way of keeping my garden clean and fresh.
It keeps the MOSQUITOES AWAY too.
Effective repellant.
I have used it for my garden parties many times.
The place usually remains free from mosquitoes
for between 3 to 4 hours and smells nice.
Even trees that are just left alone, with little care.
I'll just spray the mouth rinse around to keep bugs away.
Spraying directly on those infected plants.
It has so far never damaged any plant, even with direct contact.
Always do a trial test on a corner of your forliage before spraying on the whole plant.
Indoor plants are more susceptible to white flies and other infections.
This treatment is highly recommended as they are safe to be around.
Pesticides can be hazardous.
My precious pets
Like my adorable rabbit who loves his greens, is always going after my plants quietly.
Won't want him eating some poisonous pesticides.
My lovable dog, who loves sniffing the flowers.
Won't want him smelling those hazardous pesticides.
My family, to keep everyone safe, this is an ideal treatment, that is so feasible.
FRESH and CLEAN as these in my garden.
I am overwhelmed by the fresh air every morning.
Getting FRESH flowers for my home.
The above tree was badly infected when I got it.
It is now this clean and healthy.
A fast, easy and safe way to a Healthy Garden.

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