Friday, September 18, 2009

F1 Singapore 2009 The Simulator and The Steel Sculptures

I travel down this stretch almost every morning and I am thrilled
to see the preparation and excitement of F1 coming.

The fence is up and as it gets into the night, the lights come on.
All these bring vivid memory of the race we had, just last year.
The 'First F1 Night Race'
The city transformed, into a fantasy of lights, speed and sound.
The aerial view of the race was magnificent.

This is a simulator of the F1 Singapore.
Familiar sights can be captured from this clip and it's nice to identify the places.
Expected to do 61 laps in the race.
F1 SINGAPORE (The Simulator : Actual Route)

Clip by AutoMotoTV
F1 Circuit Review Singapore 2009


The frenzy..

Exhibition at Ion

Images of the sculptures

The life-sized ones...

Some interesting features..

Helmets that echo tribal masks

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