Sunday, November 1, 2009

Orchard Central: Outstanding features

The many commercials from the media on Orchard Central lately,
got me interested in spending one evening
at this gorgeous place.
The diamond shaped structure dazzles in the night.

Besides the Tall Girl,

there are many interesting features.

Watch this clip to see some outstanding features..

The totally see thru, glass lift..

A glamorous entrance

Close-up look of the 'Istana Park'

No easy feat.
Fixing these panels just for an entrance.
Much appreciated …

Why the significance..
As I have learned from Breenspace;
The digitally printed images were made up of several views points
of Istana Park, situated opposite the Presidential Residence
and the garden of The Istana grounds.

Read the caption for more details..

Many escalators.
I had to try this thrilling one.
It's long, high and with the open space,
you can literally feel the breeze outside the building.

Going up.
Above most surrounding buildings.

At the top.
The restaurant, Grill-Out for an alfresco dinner..

Delicious grills...

from this lovely kitchen.
A good home idea.

Artistic rugged wine display

Love art.
Always looking out for them.
An appropriate art poster above the meat counter.

Looking out to the open,
from the deck...


The road,
way down there.
And of course, there are many restaurants.

Another good home idea.
Impressive huge white pots

Artistic features inside the mall..

Creative designs from the simple
fluorescent look alike.

Dessert was just Divine at Fruit Paradise

"Thumbs-up!" for more stuff.

An interesting place
Valet parking available.

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