Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiny stuff, BIG impression

I have lots of pretty tiny stuff
that are apparently
not noticeable in my cupboard.
These are some..

With this beautiful mirror tissue box..

And these small birds..

I gave it a new look..

Used 'blu-tack' to affix..
Hence, I could change the add-ons anytime.

The red grapes

Paired it up with this red bowl for a party..

This rooster looked more prominent,
standing on top of the box than in the cupboard..

How about this whole bunch..

The whole family.
I love the dimensional effects.
Looks good
Even from the back..

This tiny bouquet..

And this watering-can..

Put them together..
They are an item.

all the tiny stuff,
can be prominently displayed.
The effects of different themes,
can be created for every occasion.
Love it!

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