Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain Oculus @ Marina Bay Sands See the GUSH!

Rain Oculus
See and hear the strong gush of water.
Observe the whirlpool motion.
 The water falling from 2 storeys high creating a strong impact.
The Oculus water flow is a 15 minute display.

'The Rain Oculus is a large acrylic and stainless steel structure located at the intersection
of the retail mall with the waterfront promenade.
It creates a whirlpool motion above the promenade level
with the water falling 2 storeys through a hole at the center of the Oculus,
creating a dynamic water skylight feature at the heart of the retail mall.
It consists of a 22 meter diameter acrylic bowl
mounted on top of a tubular stainless steel superstructure
which forms a "basket" to support the acrylic panels.
The combined weight of the acrylic Oculus and steel superstructure is 90 tons.
Water flows at 6,000 gallons per minute through the Oculus
and the maximum weight of water it can hold is 200 tons.'

From above after the flow..

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