Monday, September 5, 2011

Night Lights : Voyage Night Festival 2011

'Be dazzled by this evening outdoor showcase of spectacular light installations from France.
Encounter these intriguing works as you enter the Bras Basah cultural precinct at 
SAM, School of the Arts (SOTA),
Singapore Management University(SMU) and
National Museum of Singapore(NMS).'

Lyrical Perspective 
(Perspective Lyrique)
'Lyrical Perspective  by 1024 architecture is a visual and sound-based interactive mapping projection that invites you to make the SAM facade come alive with sound of your voice. 
1024 architecture is a creative duo who designs projects that combine architecture, image sound and light and blur realities.'


'Curiosities by Alain Benini is a nest of luminous jellyfish 
that rise up from the fountains and float over the 
SAM courtyard in a curious ballet of tentacles.
Alain Benini is an architect who also designs light installations 
for building facades and night festivals around the world.'

The Cloud (Le Nuage)
'The Cloud (Le Nuage) is an atmospheric apparition which becomes visible only at night.
Watch this projection of a colorful electrical cloud assuming a life of its own on a silent facade. 
The light installation is created by creative agency SUPERBIEN.'

'Lampounettes by TILT is a row of gigantic table lamps that will greet 
and light your way as make your way along SMU to or from SOTA.
TILT is a collective that designs and creates stage lighting and luminous sets and installations.'

Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie)
'Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie) by Benedetto Bufalino is a row of parked Volvo cars gone wild, flashing lights from their windows sometimes in a frenzied conversation 
with one another, sometimes in synchronised patterns. 
Benedetto Bufalino likes to give inanimate street objects a life of their own with lights, 
turning familiar neighborhood sights into a surreal environment.'

The Fish Tree
'The Fish Tree is a school of magical fish,
made by BIBI from everyday plastic objects and with mysterious power,
that come alive at night and light up SOTA facade.
BIBI's work explore man's relationship with his environment.
He creates installations made of disused common plastic objects
given new life with a touch of light.'

Green Invaders
'Green Invaders by Yves Caizergues is an army of eco-invaders inspired
by the legendary video game.
See the army march down and bathe the SMU Campus Green in green light.
Yves Caizergues is a video game enthusiast
who creates stage and events lighting as well as outdoor light installation.'

Reactive Wall

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