Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Maritime Experiential Museum Resorts World Sentosa

Maritime Experiential Museum
at the Resorts World

On a Monday morning ..

Upper level..

Bao Chuan Show..

The Straits Times

Free seating...

Like these boats...

The Straits Times

The Souk...

Saw this lovely kite…

Try this...

Huge posters…

Lots more...

Take note… Typhoon Theatre

Typhoon Theatre…
'Take your seats on the deck of a ship that's about to sail.
A 360-degree screen will immerse you in a breathtaking shipwreck simulation 
enhanced by special effects.'


Hand-made paper vases...

Up-close view..

Lots more..

Lots to play with..

Some snacks..

I missed the
'Historic Ship Harbor'
Check them out!
'The Chinese Junk, Indian Dhow, Indonesian Borobudur Ship, South China Sea Trading Vessel and Javanese Jong characterise the millennium-long history of the
Maritime Silk Route.
The ships are full-sized replicas and are docked at the harbor'.
Guess.. l'll be visiting them soon, again.
Nonetheless…A Great Day!

The Historic Ship Harbor

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Anonymous said...

i wanna thanks you very much. i have do my research about this museum for my cases study . im now doing my last semester for diploma of architecture in malaysia. i can,t visit this museum because i only have one day to do my researh. thanks again!! :)


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