Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Murano : Fine art of Venice

Flamboyant, intricate, lavish, elegant and sometimes beautifully gaudy, i.e. rococo..
Are words, I would describe of things one can find in Europe.
These days, avant-garde designs can be found in many things too.
Venice was no exception.
Like at this fabulous Murano fine glass gallery.
So spectacular were the merchandises.
You will be spoilt for choices from the baroque to the avant-garde.

Something for the home?
Maybe a chandelier.

Fine and delicate pieces of art.

We were told..
Among the colors..
red with gold is the highest price.

An extensive array of merchandises.
There must be something for the house?

In all shapes and sizes.

Small figurines.

Lovely bells.

Modern artistic vases.

A Baroque Wall Mirror.

Luxurious Chandeliers.

This is one of their master pieces.

Short videos : on how the glass was being shaped into an object by the master.

The kiln.

When you visit Venice,
don't miss the Murano glass gallery
and like the host said..
"There are many imitations.. be sure to get the original."

Interesting stuff in this shop.
This piece looked similar to the one displayed at the Art Gallery,
'Master's Formula-The Artistic Drive'

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