Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new lease of life : Spring JuChunYuan

I had lunch here...

This is the building..
'The secret behind the doors.'

Facades .. well preserved..

Intricate, fancy roof..

It has a new lease of life.
That's now a restaurant..

'Since 1865, JuChunYuan Fuzhou has stood for the finest in Min cuisine
and has impressed dignitaries all over the world.
SPRING JuChunYuan opened its doors in May 2007,
bringing this remarkable legacy of JuChunYuan Fuzhou to Singapore.'

Walking thru' this entrance..
'A treat for the Senses'

Or this...

Leads you here..

Proud of their achievements…

'The famous Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was born in JuChuanYuan
Fuzhou restaurant in 1876 and has continued to
set the standard for fine Chinese restaurant around the world'

Some information: The Finder Magazine, Feb 2008.
'The origin of Buddha JumpsOver The Wall'

'During the Qing dynasty,
a Fuzhou official hosted a dinner for the Governor.
The official's wife prepared the feast personally,
devising a soup for the main course never prepared before.
The dish was so delicious all attending the banquet were captivated,
a scholar poetically declaring that even
Buddha would surely be unable to resist the temptation to
abandon his meditations
and "jumps over the wall" to savour such a dish!'

Feeding my inquisitiveness..
Up these steps…

Arrived.. at an 'Oriental Set' landing..

Oh yes, not forgetting the inscription on the wall along the steps..
Here's a close-up..

Private rooms..

Through these halls…
Many private rooms can be arranged.

There is even a CEO's Room.

Noticed the very long abacus

This very large table, can easily sit more than 10 comfortably.

An Oriental settee..

A chinese cabinet, to complete the setting..

All these, reminded me of my holidays in China.
Back out at the main hall..

From this window..
I could see the courtyard and the roof.

A wonderful day.


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