Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wave House in Sentosa

The Wave House in Sentosa

Before the waves come in..
The gush of water at full force.
Many places to laze and soak into the atmosphere.

These huts that serve snacks and drinks..
give the place a truly resort feel.

Had my delicious dinner here.
The Wave House Restaurant.
Reply to a request on the kind of food..
Hmm, this was one of the order.
The presentation wasn't this messy,
cause I have already dug into it.
Unusual ceiling..
Zoomed shot..
They are made from bamboo poles.

The upper level..
A large restaurant that can hold private functions.
There was to be a birthday party later in the evening.
In the hot and glaring afternoon.
Don't like the sun
Under the shades of this restaurant,
we could still enjoy the sight and excitement of the waves in cool comfort.

The Wave House Shop.
Safety regulations..

As daylight fades..
The lovely blue and gold sunset looked so tranquil.
Beautiful for an evening stroll.
The pool glows as the place got darker.
All these fun at.. WAVE HOUSE

Learn from how to ride..

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