Friday, August 15, 2008

Customized cover

A beautiful toaster.
Don't know how to keep the dust out from the openings?
Try this...

Just get a roll of heavy duty aluminium foil, a cutter or scissors,
a piece of cardboard and scotch tape.
That's all.
Instructions follow...

Cut the cardboard to the size required,
place it on the foil and get a fairly broad boarder around it.
Fold the foil many times to get the thickness.

After getting the sufficient thickness of the foil.
Place the board on the foil and fold up the sides

Tape one end of the edge to secure

This is the initial shape...

Than place it on the toaster to make sure it fits well...

To obtain the custom fit.
Fold down to the exact shape of the toaster....

After folding to mark the shape...

Slip in the cardboard...

Shape it back again on the toaster and
fold in one side, as in the picture...

Trim off the sides and fold in the top end.
Remembering to secure it with scotch tape.

A well fitted stainless steel look cover
that matches the toaster
to keep out the dust.

A brand new customized cover to fit your appliances and keep it clean.
Try this idea with all other appliances,
especially the odd shaped ones.
Stay healthy.

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