Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Table Runners

A simple table.

Dressing it up for that occasion.
These table runners have given the table a new look.
Use single or double runners as in the picture for a narrow or broad coverage.

Placing the runners criss-crossed can help enhance the centre piece.
Makes the table look broader too.

Layering the runners can be very attractive.
Besides using these strong warm colours as shown in the picture.
Pastel colours can be very dainty and fresh.

For the seasonal occasion like Christmas.
Try this.

This beaded fine white silk will glamorise any occasion.
With its glittery look.

The French lace napkin has added a little chic to this sunny yellow setting.
Ideal for that little indulgence.

This gift, a 30yrs old brocaded broad table runner is a sentimental treasure.
This is a wonderful gift that lasts.

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