Sunday, August 24, 2008

Audacious cages for a courtyard

A viewer enquired about decorating her courtyard with bird cages not
for the birds but for her plants.
These rare cages will definitely be audacious, as she being a true Peranakan,
wanted something different and bold.
Colours and classics were preferred.

I saw these unusual cages at this shop, SAHIB in Tanglin Mall.
The cages are priced from $140 to $750.
They are handmade from bamboo and are originated from Solo.

This is a tall cage that is stackable to any height required.
The cage can be filled with plants or by adding ornaments hanging down from the top, inside the cage.

Colourful as the rainbow.
These will bring joy and colours to any courtyard.
The effects are bold and ethnic, it will make the place a rare display. They come in 3 sizes

This beautiful red will definitely create a
rich contrast of colours with the green leaves.
They come in 3 sizes. Found all that:

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