Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FABULOUS crystals

Be enthralled by these magnificent breathtaking man-made crystals, art exhibits.
They are awesome.
The immaculate precision.
View them below and check out some of the exuberant sizes.

Chrysanthemum Dance
( L:85cm W:78cm H:44cm )

The Proof of Awareness
( L:76cm W:68cm H:33cm )

( L:91cm W64cm :H:46cm )

Higher Contemplation
( L:84cm W:60cm H:45cm )

Orchid Reverie
( L:81cm W:62cm H:31cm )

Lotus Consciousness
( L:93cm W:76cm H:45cm )

Keeping the Family Afloat
( L:23cm H:13cm )

Matunuck Point
( L:35.5cm W:10cm H:17cm )

Weekapaug Point
( L:35.5cm W:10cm H:17cm )

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