Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paper clay : A hobby I adore

The wonders of paper clay art work.
I have always loved art work and I find this a delightful and fulfilling hobby.

These are some of the art work that I have done.

A colourful bouquet of flowers not from the garden but handmade.

Added pearls to give it a delicate finish.

Made this replica of a group of logs to elevate the little one.

The versatility of the clay,
makes it possible to add,
more logs for more items.
The logs can be made to any size and height required.

A lovely handmade fruit basket.
Another beautiful thing about the clay is you can pluck out (gently) the old flowers and attach new ones should you want a change.
This basket has been with me for 17 years and it's still quite fresh.

If colours are not your forte or preference, just leave it raw.
Like in this picture, a display I saw at the Garden Festival which is white clay.

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