Saturday, April 10, 2010

50plus Active Ageing Carnival 2010

A good online website for current and past
Singapore and Malaya newspapers articles.

This is exactly why I love blogging..

In this room,
Classes on..

Fengshui Tips..

Laughter .. and more were conducted..

Many workshops..
Like gardening..


All Singaporeans
should be interested in this..

Some good buys..

Foot massage for that 'Happy Feet'..

Holidays to 'Rejuvenate'..

Health Screening..

Bone scanning done by this machine..

Stage performances ..

An eventful day..

These cowboys were there to ..

Conduct 'Line-dance'..

Line Dancing for Beginners..
by 'ellaleah 12's Channel'

As it says, 'Live Life To The Fullest!'..

Look out for the next post on home renovations for..

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