Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boat Asia

At the Boat Asia..
There were many boats
and I was surprised to find..
The cost of some boats,
the price of cars..

This is the 'SunCat 23'
A 23-foot solar electric catamaran.
So tidy and clean looking..
Many different kind of boats..
Vintage Marine..

Got me fooled
It's a 'Water Culture'.
Lovely boats..
Unlike the conventional white colored boats..

This looks powerful..

There was even a ex-stock clearance sale...
The Serendipity,
(an appropriate name).
Quote: "Serendipity offers a luxury personalized cruising experience for those
special moments in your life."
The spacious entertaining areas of +2400sqft across two decks
is bigger than most apartments.

Hmm, some extravagance!
For Birthdays, Weddings, Family Occasions, Client Entertaining,
Photo Shoots, Product Launches or Staff Offsite Events..
A hot but wonderful day..
Mingling with the contemporary and the vintage..
Great live music band ..

Check this out!
A $300 Million Phillippe Starck Mega-Yacht

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