Monday, April 19, 2010

Enticing Universal Studios Singapore

A day at the Universal Studios..

The Fairyland was enticing.
Just opened.
I was first to be there, on a Monday morning.
The Entrance..
Armed with my camera like this guy…
I couldn't wait to click away..
Big Place..
Directional sign boards to assist..
Some cute looking..

Some interesting refreshment outlets..
Food and snack..

This door leads to..
Comfortable free seatings..
Equipped with a cleaning-up area..
Many free seatings for food and to refresh or laze.

Need to take those rides..
Rent lockers to keep your stuff..

Entrance to another food outlet..


At the gift shops..
The decor and staff were dressed according to the theme..

Look out for your favorite star..
I like the cute lamps..

Battlestar Galactica was unavailable for the moment..

Crowd started streaming in...
Lots more..
Check them out.

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