Saturday, April 4, 2009

A 150 years old Garden : Singapore Botanical Gardens


The grand entrance to the

The Gardens was first laid out in 1859.

The Tembusu tree that was probably there before the Gardens
as stated in the papers is truly a magnificent tree.

Regulations at the Gardens.

People loved to perched on the tree.
The scene was such when I was there.

Details of this Heritage Tree.

A hardy tree.
I could see through its main trunk.

Still stands beautifully tall.

But like with all old age.

Some help is needed.

This is the same tree that is on our S$5.00 bill.

Another unusual tree that has flowers growing on its main trunk.

Many of the branches were flourishing with flowers.
This branch with the flowers so rich and full.

The beautiful and tranquil
Swan Lake Gazebo.
Where many find it a pleasant place to unwind.

A scenic lake
Enhanced with this lovely bronze sculpture of swans.

There were of course the real swans,
that swam around to greet and accompany.
So close did they swam up to me.

Cycling is not allowed.
Walking your dog with a leash is a norm.
Everywhere I turned
I could see dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Dog owners please read this.
Certain types of dogs must be muzzled.

Poo bags are provided.
Please keep the Garden smelling and looking clean.
Look out for these sculptures.
They are so realistic.

This is an example of one.

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