Sunday, April 5, 2009

Love Easter

At this 'delicious' looking Deli.

Do you know Easter is just next week.
I have always loved those Easter bunnies and the lovely decorated eggs.
The Easter bunny is a mythical character depicted as an anthropomorphic rabbit,
who brings baskets filled with decorated eggs to homes with children the night before Easter.

Checkers Deli in Singapore Hilton Hotel.

Prices starts from :...
S$18+ for the rabbits
S$30+ to S$50+ for the hampers.

My Rabbit : Priceless
I have this very adorable pet rabbit at home who loves eating up my garden.
Looking so cute but grouchy.

Caught in the act...

Eating up my garden...

See how happy he is now...........


Katelin said...

This is the cutest bunny I have ever seen!!!

Elaine said...

oh yes, he is indeed adorable. He will respond to his name and he loves playing with the dog.He even looks like another little puppy when chasing around with the dog. His give away is when he starts to jump as a rabbit.


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