Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The $40 million makeover .....

The $40 million makeover along Orchard Road.
Some see it and some don't.
I was there recently and these were what I saw.
View these pictures and see them for yourself.

The flower totems.

These movable planters that were used as dividers to segregate crowd.


Litter bins to keep the place clean.

These orchids
that were planted in these totems don't seemed to be growing very well.

The walkway seemed to be wider.

The talked-about glass panels with some interesting etching images.
Below are some pictures of these 35 large glass panels.

Simple multi-functional lamp.

I prefer these 'feelers' looking ones at the
They looked prominent and unusual.

Money well spent?
I thought these shades would be better.
Ideal for our sunny tropical island.

Creating more Al fresco would be nice.

This shades may not be so ideal.
It will cut off most views.

The skyline is important.
A see thru effect.
This will be good to shade from the rain too.

These huge brollies at Clarke Quay were very well done.

Lovely in the evening with the reflection of the lights.

Or those very long travelator, not the underground ones like this.
But one that's above ground and sheltered.
To connect malls, for easy accessibility and assisting older folks.

But all these might probably cost more than $40 million.
It's just some suggestions for future improvements.


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Elaine said...

Hi! Thanks for the compliment. I have not been to Korea and hope to visit your country someday.I will visit your blog soon, thanks for the invitation.


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