Friday, April 17, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on 10th May 2009

In this post
I would like to share some precious and meaningful 'Mother's Day' moments
I had with my own children.
I have a boy and a girl.

Ever since their tender age
I have always insisted and emphasized on building
strong bonds with my children.

Sculpting Life : by Ng Eng Teng

Even, when they gave me the headaches.
Sculpting Life : by Ng Eng Teng.

My children, always remember 'MOTHER'S DAY'.

I will be home and they will show their appreciation with some of these gestures...

My kids, who are all grown up now.
When they were young, they would give me things they liked.
Chosen by them but paid by dad.
Like this flexible bird that they loved so much.
And since they liked it so much,
I have placed it on their book shelf to encourage them to read.
I guess... it resembles me watching over them. 

My darling daughter gave me this collage she made at a young age.
This is one of the best gift that I most treasured.
She gathered pictures of what I liked and photos of some captivating moments of she and I.
Wrote this lovely message and pasted it in the centre with the wonderful photos around it.
Laminated the whole piece and it has been a few years now but it's still as new.

This was what she wrote...

Then as they got older, they got me what I liked.
My dear son, being the elder,  knows I love jewelleries, would hunt everywhere
to find a nice piece to match their budget.
These wonderful kids,
actually saved their school pocket money to get me this.

It didn't matter even if they got me this garden tools bag.

Maybe when I am older and can't afford my own,
they can impress me with...

This would be a nice surprise!

So whatever it is...give your mom a break and pamper her for the day.
remember is on 10th May 2009 : Sunday.

Little Tots are not exempted.
 This is what you can do...

Caption : from 'Simply Her' magazine.

Have a wonderful 'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY'.
Painting is from my wall.

This is an early post to remind and allow more time to show mom that love and appreciation.
So, if you have read this, there is NO excuse to forget.

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